Fluffy Bunnies Want You to Check Your E-Mail

This is a friendly, neighborhood reminder to check your official Salem Community College e-mail regularly.


Outside of class, your SCC account is the way I communicate directly with you. I promise to do my best not to spam you with spam-filled spamminess. In return, please read what I send you. My messages may not be save-the-world, have-a-Klondike-Bar important, but I am reaching out for a reason. Checking your mail regularly will help you stay informed about class.

That said, if you haven’t already read the welcome message I sent earlier, check it out. It explains a bit about tomorrow’s maiden-voyage class, during which we will generate our first web-postable content. W00t!

Eventually you will need storage for the content you create: either in external hard drive or Dropbox form. And by “eventually”, I mean Monday, September 14. 🙂

Even though CGA140 is, by definition, all about the digital, it’s a good idea to bring a pencil and paper to class in order to take notes. I’m a big fan of taking notes. Go taking notes! Why? Because physically writing something down helps you concentrate on and retain it. Seriously. I bet if you write this down now, you’ll remember it tomorrow. 😀

See you soon!


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