Dropbox Incoming!

I have set up Dropbox to streamline the process for attendance selfies, and we’ll start using it on Monday, September 14. Yay! You can view the folder here, but you need an invitation to be able to upload your photos. And how do you secure an invite to the most self-portrait-y party of the year? It depends….

You already have a Dropbox account, and it is linked to your SCC e-mail. Awesome. YOUR COURSE OF ACTION is to sit back and enjoy a delicious confection. I will send everyone an invite to SCC e-mail by default.

You already have a Dropbox account, but it is linked to a different e-mail than your official SCC student account. Understandable, but since I don’t know that e-mail address, YOUR COURSE OF ACTION is to send it to me, so I can deliver the invite.
email me

You do not have a Dropbox account. No worries! YOUR COURSE OF ACTION is to make sure you know how to log into your SCC e-mail (this goes for everyone, really), so we can go over how to register with Dropbox in class. I don’t have an image or a gif for you folks, but I do have this handy link just in case you’re not sure how to access your account: https://www.salemcc.edu/online-services/student-email.


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