Homework for 09/14/15

Read your syllabus.

No really…

READ it.

Give it some tender loving eye attention, because it’s stuff you need to know, (especially if you want to succeed in this class).

Once you’ve read it, answer the questions on the last page, print and sign your name and date it. Then, tuck it snuggly in your bring-to-class belongings for Wednesday.

Due Wednesday, September 16 at the beginning of class.

Incidentally, if you DON’T understand something, don’t hesitate to talk to me about your question or concern before you sign. I’m always down with a critical reader (though that doesn’t mean you get out of answering the questions by the due date 😀 ).

Lost your syllabus? Checky check the downloadable version.
Need the question page? we’ve got that for you too!


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