Homework Due 09/22


In your creativity journal, make a minimum of 10 thumbnail sketches of what you want to do for your developed monotype. These sketches can different compositions/takes on the same subject matter (like I showed you in class), or you can try out different ideas. The goal is to push past your initial brainstorm—which is sometimes cliched—into richer, more thoughtful terrain.

Some things to consider:

  1. What kind of image(s) are you interested in making?
  2. Why do you want to make that image?
  3. What are some different ways to approach the imagery?
  4. Does working through these approaches in thumbnail form give you other ideas? Go with it. Explore. The more the better.
  5. How might the imagery you’re interested in pursuing work with monotype? Consider the characteristics of the medium.

We will talk one-on-one about your sketches and ideas in class on Tuesday, September 22.

Want more info? Good on you! Here’s a little Guide to Thumbnail Sketching. It has a bit of a landscape bias, but the information is solid. Clicky click for the web source.


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