Extra Credit Assignment Due 09/28

For a limited time only, fresh extra credit!

As promised, I am offering you the chance to earn extra credit by completing a tutorial on the methods of coding we’ve covered so far. Although this is 100% optional, I highly recommend you carve out a little time to do it. Not only will you earn 5 shiny extra credit points, but you get crucial practice and reinforcement, meaning you’ll be much better set for upcoming assignments.

Here is the Tutorial

This material comes from an introductory text on HTML and CSS, and I’m going to admit up front, it’s totally doofy. Sooooo completely and totally doofy. However, the information is solid, and, believe it or not, the silliness actually helps you remember some of this tech-heavy coding stuff.

To earn the extra credit, you must:

  1. Read through the material provided. It looks like a lot, but the pages are short and full of visuals. Bottom line: it will probably take you less time than slogging through one of my novel-length assignment posts. 😀
  2. Follow along with the exercises. By the end you will have created an HTML file styled with CSS for the fictional Starbuzz Coffee. As directed, save it as index.html to a folder titled “starbuzz”.
  3. Create a second HTML file on your own titled mission.html, and save it to the “starbuzz” folder. Add the following content:

    Starbuzz Coffee’s Mission

    It’s our dedicated goal to provide all the caffeine you need to power your life.

    Just drink it.

  4. Mark up this content with appropriate HTML tags. Don’t forget the elements necessary to structure the page as a whole: html, head and body. In the head, add a title element (with a page title) and a style element just as you did in the tutorial. Include CSS in the style element matching what you put in index.html.
  5. Add one link to each HTML page. On index.html, add a link to the mission statement, and, on the mission statement, add a link back home to index.html. Go ahead and nest each <a> element within it’s own <p> element. This keeps the link neatly separated from your other content. Example:

    <a href=”filename.html”>This text shows up as a link in the browser</a>

  6. When you are finished, you will have a folder with 2 linked HTML files: index.html and mission.html. Compress the folder and e-mail with the subject line “Extra Credit”. The assignment is due by the beginning of class on Monday, September 28.

Not too horrible. Right?


Don’t forget, if you need help, add a comment to this post by clicking the applicable link under the post title. You can also e-mail. Now, here’s an upside down baby panda to reward you for reading all that! baby_panda


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