Homework Due 09/29

Add the following to your creativity journal. I will be taking a look next week in class.

Based on our one-on-one discussion about your thumbnails, refine your idea for a developed monotype. You can make additional notes or sketches (always good). After all, the idea is to push the boundaries! Go past an average first conception to a fantastic one. If you haven’t done your thumbnails yet, see the homework post from last week or the thumbnail_guide included in it for ways you might approach idea development.


Also in your journal, define the following terms as they relate to printmaking. Consider our discussions in class. Feel free to look up definitions, but use your own words.

Split Font
Roll Up

And, answer the following questions:

  1. What is printmaking? Consider what has to take place in order for something to be considered a print rather than a drawing or painting.
  2. What is monotype and what are the characteristics of the medium (how does it look and behave)?

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