Homework Due 09/30/15

Good Design/Bad Design

Spend some time surfing the web to find examples of good and bad website design.

  1. Select one good website and one bad website. Be prepared to justify your choices based on the principles and elements of design and the considerations of web page design.
  2. Copy and paste the url (web address) for each into a comment on this post. To access comments select the “Leave a Comment” at the top of this post.
  3. Hit the “Post” button at the lower right corner of the comment window. If it is your first time commenting on the blog, your comment will not appear until I approve it.

17 thoughts on “Homework Due 09/30/15

  1. https://www.the best designs.com/ (jackhorner.net) Jack Horner@jackhornest…
    The design was very attention grabbing, easy to access all the information about the menus, and the photos looked very tasty. The site gave all the information needed for quick info., menus, and contact number& site/address. They were all very easy to understand and to get to.
    bad websites- http://www.tntdental.com/ (custom dental websites-indental.com)
    Zam Dental
    This site was very over worded, dark in color, and extremely long. It contained words that seemed lengthy, large photos, and over sized icons/which were also wordy. To me the site seemed creepy and I donot believe I would want to sit in one of their chairs.

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