Project 1 Step 2b Due 10/07

Creating a New Sitemap for NJ Parks

What Do I Do?

For Wednesday, October 7, build a revised sitemap for the New Jersey State Parks website located at: Follow the instructions in the site map handout. You will be working on the final two pages in the pdf. For Wednesday, complete steps 1–4 on Page 5. You may skip Step 5: creating a digital diagrammatic version.

Spend some time particularly on Step 3, which involves writing the individual webpages of the NJ Parks site on cards and physically moving them around in order to work out the best structure and hierarchy. Explore the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to eliminate redundant information or group items under new headings so long as you cover everything the client and end user require.

Ultimately, this site needs a major overhaul, and you, as the designer, are in control. Just keep in mind the considerations listed throughout the sitemap pdf. What do people want to know about New Jersey State Parks, and how can you best get them to relevant info?


Remember also that you don’t have to reinvent wheel. Get ideas by looking at similar sites where designers got it so very much more right than the folks at NJSP. These may include other parks departments (Michigan and Montana are two we looked at in class) and also recreational and outdoor companies, travel sites, etc.

What Do I Turn In?

  1. A photo or, even better, a series of photos of your experiments with structure using post its or cards. This should be e-mailed before the start of class on Wednesday.
  2. A written copy of the sitemap you redesign, similar to the one you made in class, but hopefully a lot neater and more sensical. Turn this in at the beginning of class.


As always, toss up a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you need additional help.



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