Homework Due 10/13

Happy Wednesday, Printmakers.

Thanks again for a fascinating first critique. I very much appreciate both your work and your willingness to share constructive ideas. Next time we’ll up the awesome even more with FOOD. Maybe not as awesome as this…


but awesome nonetheless. No Burger King ūüôā

For Next Week

Please complete a minimum of ten thumbnails for your drypoint intaglio project. You may work in your creativity journal. It’s helpful to¬†trace the outline of your plate, and then use that as a template for exploring¬†possible subjects, compositions and concepts. You can do 10 variations on a theme,¬†go in¬†10 totally separate directions or embrace some combination of the two. What’s important is honest exploration and allowing yourself to get inspiration from the process of ideation.

Do keep in mind the characteristics of the final medium in which you’ll be working. Drypoint images are made up¬†of lines, hatches and cross hatches¬†that¬†typically have a dark, velvety quality. There are no tones in drypoint except what you make by layering marks.

Next class, be prepared to discuss your ideas. Think about what you are making and why. Perhaps you will have a favorite direction in mind, which you can begin to develop into a printable image. We will go over both how to transfer drawings and how to work directly on the plate.

Finally, if you are behind on the other assignments listed on this blog (namely this one, which I think some folks missed), now’s a good time to get caught up. Creativity journal review is in three short weeks.

Have a stellar rest of the week, and definitely treat yourself to an adventure this weekend. You’ve earned it!



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