October 27 is Full of Fullness

Next week, October 27, is a full class for us. In fact, it’s so full it’s like eating three refills of breadsticks and salad followed by a meat entrée and those little fried doughnuts for dessert. And, like breadsticks and fried doughnuts, this is important stuff. Make your most super-special-best effort to be on time.

The approximate schedule is as follows:

5:20–5:50     Demos
5:50–7:20     Workshop; Creativity Journal Review
7:20–7:30     Clean Up
7:30–8:15     Critique Drypoint Intaglio (and Potluck!)
8:15–8:40     Introduction Project 3 and Writing Assignment; Return Project 1

Since happy bellies make for more reasoned feedback (or so I passionately believe)  we are going to have a potluck during critique. I am making barbeque beef and fixins. Feel free to bring something (non-alcoholic) to drink for yourself and food to share: chips, salad, dessert, whatever. You do not have to do this; it’s totally optional. Either way, you get to kick back and enjoy a sandwich and some art.

Please keep reading for more detailed information about class next Tuesday.

Schedule Detail

Approximately 30 minutes
5:20–5:50 PM (ish)

  • color mixing for intaglio
  • printing a consistent edition
  • collation
  • added color: relief roll, a la poupée, monoprinting

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
5:50–7:20 PM (ish)

Depending on how things go with demos, you will have about 90 minutes to finish up your drypoint prints. I highly recommend coming to class on Tuesday with the final version of your plate ready to print. For those of you who made proofs on October 20, this should simply be a matter of adding marks to the plate based on what you learned from your initial prints.

I make the super-red recommendation in the previous paragraph because your class time is better spent printing than drawing on the plate. One of these things you can do at home whilst lounging on your bed watching anime about children’s card games. The other requires a room and equipment to which you have limited access (much like the children’s card games themselves). Therefore, your primary goal on Tuesday should be to print. Make a strong, resolved impression for critique, and then, if you have extra time, create  an edition of three (required for the portfolio due at the end of the semester) or experiment with color and monoprinting. That last bit is optional but demonstrates engagement with the project and the class. Plus, color is amazing.

5:50–7:20 PM (ish)

While fab open workshop time is in session, we will also be conducting midterm reviews of your creativity journals. Don’t forget to bring your journals to class! The creativity journal accounts for 10% of your overall grade, and this review will factor into that calculation.

During the review, I will collect and look through each journal. I will then meet briefly with you on a one-to-one basis to discuss what you have produced and where you may want to go from here.

So what am I’m looking for? I want to see three things:

  1. You’re keeping up with your 3+ page per day requirement.
  2. You are engaging in open-minded exploration as discussed in the ART140 Printmaking Syllabus Addendum and the creativity journal guide.
  3. You have completed any homework specific to the journal such as thumbnail requirements or terminology definitions. Scroll through this blog to see what has been assigned so far.

7:20–7:30 PM (ish)

Pretty self explanatory: we’ll get everything cleaned up and set for critique.

7:30–8:15 PM (ish)

Our critique will run the same way as our last one on monotype.You will be showing the final version of your drypoint intaglio. You may also display any secondary or monoprint versions you make. It is not necessary to have the edition of three identical prints complete for this critique, but, keep in mind, this is a requirement for the final portfolio due at the end of the semester.

As with our last critique, I expect you share thoughtful thoughts about your work. Why did you choose the subject, style and way of working? How did the medium and technique influence your choices? What do you hope to communicate to a viewer through your print? You can bring up aesthetic or critical considerations.

Be prepared also to give feedback to your classmates. We will nom nom nom potluck whilst doing this.

8:15–8:40 PM (ish)

To end class, I will introduce the next two assignments. The first is Project 3: Woodblock Relief.  We will discuss the characteristics of the medium and look at examples. We will also go over what you need to do to prepare and what you should purchase for class on November 3.

Second, I will hand out the assignment sheet for the required paper for ART140. In the next month, you will need to visit a show and write a two page response to what you see. I will include a list of exhibitions in the area involving printmaking on the handout.

7:30-8:15 PM (ish)

And finally, I will hand back your Project 1: Monotype with a grade and feedback.

See you next week!


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