For Class on 10/28

Typing that date in the title area… holy cow, it’s almost the end of October. Did you guys know that?



Anyway, if you didn’t do so in class on Monday, please finish marking up the two html files we were working on: index.html and elixirs.html. Add the juice_image.jpg image into index.html, and the three elixirs images into the elixirs.html code using the img element. Please note that I misspelled juice_image.jpg and you will have to rename the file to get it to work. Sorry about that! The elixir’s images correspond to the daily specials on elixirs.html. No, you are not crazypants: there is no image for the hot cider drink. Don’t worry about it; we’ll talk on Wednesday.

For those who weren’t in class, you can get caught up by taking the unaltered files from our class Dropbox. They are in the zip folder titled “Juice”. We took the following steps to organize the website.

  1. Renamed the container folder “Juice” to match the name of our site “Juice-o-Rama”. This becomes the root of our website.
  2. Renamed the html files to something simple and descriptive. rename_me_1 became index.html and rename_me_2 became elixirs.html.
  3. Created a secondary folder inside the root called elixirs. elixirs.html and the three jpgs beginning with elixir were added to this folder.

We then marked up the two pages using html elements. Don’t forget to add html, head and body tags in order to the tags that structure content.

Questions? Post a comment or e-mail.

See you Wednesday!


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