Homework Due Monday, 11/02


Draw 20 ellipses in your creativity journal. Each ellipse should a different proportion. For example, one might be 1 to 2, another 1 to 3, a third 2 to 5, etc. You may draw them vertically, horizontally or diagonally, but follow the steps introduced in class on Wednesday, October 28.

Drawing Ellipses Step-by-Step

  1. Draw a rectangle to the desired proportion using a measuring stick. A ruler is not necessary. As always, start with light marks that can be easily erased.
  2. Find the midpoint of each of the four sides of the rectangle.
  3. Lightly trace arched lines between the points to create the ellipse.
  4. It can help to feel your way. Sketch as lightly as possible around and around the circumference until you find the right curve. You can then darken that correct line slightly.

Watch Out for…

bloated_ellipse1. Ellipses that seem to be retaining water…

Your ellipse should touch the sides of the rectangle only at the midpoints. In other words, it should “kiss” the box, not rub up against it. We want our ellipses G rated, Party People! If your ellipse touches more than the midpoints, it will look bloated.



2. Any ellipse that seems ready for the big game…

If your lines curve too sharply from top/bottom midpoint to side midpoint, your ellipse will look pointy like a football rather than gradually curved like a circle in perspective.


Which, of course, is what this is all about, learning to take what we’ve learned about measuring, boxes and perspective and start to apply it to more complex shapes. Yay! Progress!