Notes for Tuesday, December 1


Don’t forget your paper is due tomorrow, and it is worth 10% of your course grade. Don’t space this one, folks! If you need a refresher on what’s the what, project guidelines are available here:

And, there’s more! As an extra-special first day of December treat from me to you, you do not need to print out your paper if you don’t want to. Instead, you may submit the assignment to me via e-mail provided it’s sent as an attachment in Word (.docx) or PDF format. I’ll even give you a few extra hours to do it. As long as I have the pixels in my inbox by 11:59 pm tomorrow, I’ll count you on time. Extra hours AND environmentally friendly submission… w00t!



Aside from the paper, you will also absolutely, positively need the following during class tomorrow:

  1. Two (2) 3″ Loose (Removable) Pin Hinges Zinc-Plated or Brass
  2. Sixteen (16) 2¼” #8 Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws Zinc Plated or Brass
  3. Eighteen (18) 1½” #8 Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws Zinc Plated or Brass
  4. Small (8oz or Smaller) Container of Water-Resistant Wood Glue*
  5. Small (Quart or Smaller) Container of Polycrylic Sealer*
  6. Economy Brush for Polycrylic
  7. A phillips-head screw driver if you have one

*Multiple students may be able to share Polycrylic and wood glue, but you should coordinate with your classmates in advance. Don’t assume extra supplies will be available.

More information on these items and hyperlinks to examples can be found on the supply list posted right here.

It is absolutely necessary that you have these supplies on hand at the beginning of class tomorrow, since we will be building our screen frames in class. There will be no time to make up this activity, since the semester is rapidly coming to a close.

P.S. I have cut and, in the case of a couple of you, purchased wood. Those who will be using the wood I bought will need to reimburse me before the end of the semester. I’ll let you know how much tomorrow.


In addition to building screen frames, you will likely have a little time to print your woodblock reliefs tomorrow. I highly recommend taking advantage of this, since we only have three class periods left. Yeeks!

That’s all, my lovely students. See you on the morrow!


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