Instructions for Altervista

Hello Happy Web Designers!

Before Monday, December 14, please complete your registration for Altervista. Altervista is the company we will be using to host our designs live on the web. It’s free service  that is unusual in that allows uploads of your own files. Step by step instructions for registering Altervista are available below.

For those of you who got hung up in class on Wednesday due to the IP error, you may be able to start at Step 7 by going to your e-mail address and clicking the activation link. However, it is possible the request will have timed out. This means if you try to activate through e-mail you will get error message 122.


In that case, please start over from the beginning. You should find the domain name you entered on Wednesday is available once again.

If you have any questions or run into problems, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.


Altervista Registration Step-by-Step


1. Go to

2. Select a domain name for your website and enter it in the box provided.


The domain name for your website is your piece of property on the World Wide Web. Since we will be primarily using this domain for Project 3, which is a professional portfolio site for yourself, choose something appropriate.

If you get an error indicating the name is not available, please select an alternate name. Domain names must be unique (there can only be one of each name on the web), so if you choose something already taken, you will have to try again.

3. Click “Sign Up”

4. You will be taken to a page for your personal data. Fill in all the boxes. If you don’t, you will not be able to move past this page. FYI, Altervista plays nice with your info.



5. At the bottom of the personal data page, don’t forget to type out the CAPTCHA (the “Are you a robot?” test) and check the boxes agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. Feel free to read them if you have concerns.



6. Click “Sign Up!” You will get a “Ready to start!” confirmation screen advising you to check your e-mail.



7. Go to the e-mail inbox of the address you used in the personal information form. Click the first link in the e-mail message from Altervista to activate your account.



8. You will be taken to a progress loading screen telling you “We are creating This is where many of us got the IP error on Wednesday.



9. After Altervista is finished creating your site, you will see this screen:


That’s it… your site is registered and activated, meaning you are ready for class on Monday, December 14, at least so far as this task goes.

10. FYI, Altervista helpfully sends you a confirmation e-mail with all your login information. Hold on to that. You need that info to sign in.


P.S. Anyone else think it’s funny that Altervista misspelled the word website in this message? Oh well, what do you expect at the price of free, right?



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