Project 3


Our third and final project is now underway. Please click the below link for a pdf version of the assignment sheet. Feel free to print it out if you like.

The assignment sheet includes a description of the project, requirements, evaluation criteria and links to supporting materials such as design considerations and the trial of Dreamweaver available through Adobe.


Other Helpful How Tos


Checkpoint the First

Don’t forget that by Wednesday, December 16, you should have ready thumbnails (digital or sketched), a sitemap, wireframes, mockups or whatever you need to guide the design of your site in Dreamweaver. I will not check to see if you have done all the preliminary steps, but I will discuss with you what you are doing, so have something concrete to show me. It’s up to you to decide what is enough to guide you in the creation of a strong site.

One piece of friendly advice: don’t be like Calvin… start your ideation process now!


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