Portfolio Pick Up

Surprise Drawers and Printmakers!!!

Long time, no flinging words at you, huh? You guys should have gotten and e-mail with this info, but just in case not, your portfolios, journals and daily self-portraits will be available for pickup in Davidow 103 starting tomorrow, Thursday, January 28 at 5 pm.

Drawing Students

Your stuff will be stored in the top few slots of the drying rack that is between the door and the sinks. Each of your drawings has been consolidated from an unruly, wild-beast bundle o’ disorganization into a roll or rolls labeled with your name. I will place each person’s journal under their drawing roll. Your self-portraits are tucked inside the journal. Please be careful when retrieving your work a) that you get the correct stuff, b) that you don’t damage your work or the work of others and c) that you don’t inadvertently scatter self-portraits everywhere whilst dramatically flinging open your journal (cuz you guys totally seem like journal flingers).

On a side note, if it looks like something’s missing from your drawing bundle when you open it up, it’s probably because there is. I have selected a drawing from everyone to be placed into consideration for a show in the library gallery later this spring. Those drawings will stay stored in Professor Lucente’s office until the exhibit is juried. I don’t know if everyone’s work will make it in the show, since there is limited space, but each one of you worked hard last semester and absolutely deserves to be in the running. Everyone will get their remaining pieces back after the show. I’ll pass along more specific info when someone more in-the-know than me tells me what that info is. 🙂

Printmaking Students

Your stuff will be stored on top of the supply cabinets to the far left as you face the sinks. Please be careful of yourself, your work and the work of others as you take them down. I don’t want anyone to meet their untimely death toppling off a step stool in DAV103! Also, your self-portraits are tucked inside your journal so don’t inadvertently scatter them everywhere unless, of course, it’s whilst frantically wheeling your arms to prevent the aforementioned fall. In that case, save yourself, man.

Congratulations also to each of you, because you have had at least one piece selected for the first exhibition taking place in the library gallery this spring. You will get these pieces back after the show. I’ll pass along more specific info when someone more in-the-know than me tells me what that info is. 🙂

Every Student

One last note: if you do not have a class in Davidow 103 this semester, and it is more convenient for you to receive your work at the Glass Education Center, I am taking a class there on Thursday afternoons from 12:30–3:50. Perhaps we can work out an exchange of drop off. E-mail if you wish to go this route.

P.S. I’ll miss working with you this semester, but hope your spring is thus far filled with all the fabulous things in life (and I don’t just mean copious amounts of snow)!



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