Fame. Glory. Online Publication

Professors Jenna Lucente (Art) and Jennifer Martin (English) are pioneering From the Oak Desk, an online literary and art magazine showcasing the talent of current Salem Community College students. Hey… that’s you guys!


What? You have doubts about submitting? Here’s five awesome reasons you should:

  1. You get a chance to share your passion. How often does an opportunity like that just plop in your lap? All too rarely, so grab it while it’s here.
  2. Who knows what could grow from reaching new audiences? I’m not saying Sir Artcollector von Richington will pay you all the monies so you can finally live the life to which you’d like to become accustomed. However, it is true that the more you put yourself out there, the better chance exists that something cool will happen.
  3. Adding publications to your resume is like putting sea salt on a caramel. You automatically level up. (P.S. if you don’t like sea salt caramel, I’m not sure I know you anymore…)
  4. If you want to have any kind of career in a creative field, you need to get used to preparing and submitting work on a deadline as well as to handling both acceptance and rejection. From the Oak Desk offers great practice.
  5. Last (and least, really, though some of you may not agree), I will give five extra credit points to any of my current students who complete an on-time submission. It doesn’t have to be work completed in my class (though that would be supercool) Send a screenshot to my SCC inbox showing the e-mail sent to Professor Lucente or Professor Martin according to the submission guidelines outlined here: https://fromtheoakdesk.wordpress.com/submission-process/. You can also just forward a copy of the sent e-mail if you prefer.

Not sure how to fulfill those submission guidelines? For those of you in Color Theory, we will talk about it briefly in class on February 9. Also, I am available for one on one help to both current and former students, particularly if you have questions about properly taking and preparing images of your work.


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