Homework Due February 9

Three by Five by Seven

Make three (3) five by seven paintings demonstrating a variety of value schemes with an earth primary palette. Painting One must utilize a full range of values 1-10. Paintings Two and Three should employ limited value range schemes: one high key (values 1-4) and one low key (values 7-10). Take into consideration the aesthetic choices you make with regard to value.

Da Rules

  • Your paintings must each use the same basic composition of five to seven rectangles.
  • Your palette must be limited to Mars Black (an earth blue), Indian Red Oxide (an earth red) Yellow Ochre (an earth yellow) and white.
  • You may lighten the value of these colors by mixing them with white OR  darken them with black, but otherwise you should not intermix. In other words, the color scheme should remain primary.
  • Use a combination of the inherent value of each primary as well as lightened or darkened colors to create a value structure that is successful in terms of the Formal Principles of Art. If you need a reminder of what the principles are, checky check: formal_principles.

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