Searching for Something?

Does this happen to you… you’re lounging about when you suddenly realize you can’t live another moment without knowing more about the formal principles of art and design? Well, duh, of COURSE that happens to you! 🙂 And when it does happen, you seem to recall, somewhere deep in the fuzzy store of your memories, that there was a blog post on our class website about that very subject. But when? Where? Awww, man… do you need to comb through all 9,327,538 of Del’s wordy entries to find the one that applies to you?

While I can’t imagine you wouldn’t want to spend a glorious afternoon re-reading my waxings poetic, you can save time by using the search function on our blog. Did you know you we have a search function? Hey, we have a search function! You can find it under the categories list to the right of your screen on a desktop computer (pictured left) OR under the website header on a mobile device (pictured right).


Searching within our website typically works best if you limit your search to one or two targeted keywords. For example, if you want to find information about the formal principles of art and design, try searching for “principles” or “formal principles”. The search will return a preview list of every post utilizing this/these keyword(s), and you can select the entry you need. If your search terms are too specific, you may not get any results. And, as with any online search, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again with new keywords.


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