Chroma Powerpoint

Here is this evening’s Powerpoint for those with a mind to review it. Or, you know, those who just wanna see the gifs move. Or OR who wanna see the glorious rebranding thanks to Stacy’s awesome suggestion! FYI, I have also linked a PDF version in case you don’t have compatible presentation software.

“Game of Chroma” in PowerPoint format

“Game of Chroma” in PDF format

As for other recaps of tonight’s class… well, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t write coherent instructions right now even if you promised me I could rub all the fuzzy kitty tummies I wanted as a reward. Tired professor is tired. Therefore, I am setting aside the bulk of tomorrow to put everything put together. Barring complications, I will post in the evening, which should give you plenty of time to do your color wheel, your limited prismatic block-in and your earth primary refinements before our next class.

In the meantime, here’s the full “Pikachu on Acid Chroma cartoon from whence the psychedelic gif in the PowerPoint comes. I saw this a gabillion years ago, and forgot it was a thing. Still funny, and some really lovely high-chroma animation. 🙂 Fair warning that there is some swearing and drug-use imagery. You do not have to watch if that makes you uncomfortable. I provide the link for entertainment value only.

Great job on that last painting, Pikachu!


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