Task #2 Due Tuesday: Limited Prismatic Color Wheel

For Tuesday, April 5, in addition to completing your earth primary panel for Project 2, create a new color wheel using a limited prismatic primary palette of these three colors:


You will layout and paint this wheel in the same manner as the one you did for the earth primaries. You should be able to get measurements from your existing wheel. Buuuuut.. in case you need a reminder….

Measurement Reminders for Color Wheels

  • Your color wheel will be 7″ in diameter and will fit within a box whose top, right side and left side are 3/4″ corresponding edges of your paper.

  • To determine the center of the wheel, place your ruler between each pair of diagonal corners of the box and make light lines indicating where they cross.

  • To create the circle for your color wheel, tie a string to a pencil. Hold the pencil perpendicular to the surface of the paper and place the tip at the halfway point of one of the edges of the box. Pull the string taut and hold it down at the centerpoint (X marks the spot), and then swing the pencil in an arc.

  • The center spoke of the wheel runs from the vertical halfway point on the right side of the box to the corresponding point on the left side. The vertical halfway point is 3 1/2″ from the top of the 7″ box.

  • To make the diagonal spokes of the wheel, first measure 1 3/4″ horizontally toward the center of the box from both the top right and bottom right corners.  circle_spokesPosition your ruler vertically between these measured points and make two marks where the ruler crosses edge of the wheel. Repeat these steps on the left side. Finally, position your ruler diagonally between the top right and bottom left marks on the circle  and then between the bottom right and top left marks. Make sure your spokes pass through the circle’s centerpoint.

  • Each of the bands of color is about an inch in thickness. Most people find it’s easier to make a neat color wheel if they mark points an inch, two inches and three inches from the tip of each spoke.

As outlined earlier, when painting your wheel, you will use only Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Pthalo Blue to mix. Start by laying out your primary colors in the same position as you did for your earth primary wheel (cadmium yellow goes in the same position as yellow ochre, etc.)color_wheel_comparison

Next mix your secondaries, neutrals and in-betweens for each pie-shaped section.  A chart with a specific mixes plus some additional tips appears below.


Bonus Nugget (optional)

For five extra credit points, write down an explanation of why many of the colors on your limited prismatic wheel are greenish in cast (including the “neutral” at the center). To get credit, you must go beyond general statements a specific, logically reasoned cause. Two or three sentences should be sufficient.


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