Printmaking Homework Due 9/13/16


Yeah… yeah… I’m THAT teacher. I’m afraid it’s kind of unavoidable in a once per week class, especially when you want to open the door to as many awesome prints as possible!

This week’s homework is actually a bundle o’ mini-assignments. Although most can be done quickly, give each one at least a little lovin’ attention. Step 7 requires the most dedicated time. Plan to spend a couple hours on it at least. It will factor into your grade for Project 1.

Homework Tasks

  1. If you haven’t already, join Del’s Digital Classroom via the invite sent to your SCC e-mail account. Step-by-step instructions on joining are located here. If you did not get the invitation, let me know a.s.a.p. and I will resend.

  2. Read the course syllabus.

  3. Fill out and sign the syllabus questionnaire. It is due at the beginning of class next week.

  4. Read the comic on creativity journaling to ensure you understand the journal assignment (and also to jump start ideas). The comic is brief but full of good suggestions. It also happens to be borderline adorable.

  5. Buy your supplies, especially the composition notebook for your creativity journal. Not only should you start journaling as soon as possible, but you need it to complete step 7 of this week’s homework.

  6. Read the guidelines for Project 1, which we were only able to touch on briefly in class. We will work through Project 1 together over the next few weeks.

  7. To begin our first project, you should spend some time researching and generating ideas around our project theme, which is PLAY. Complete the following tasks in your creativity journal.

    • brainstormAs a first step, brainstorm words, terms and phrases you associate with PLAY. Jot down whatever comes to mind in your journal and seek to fill at least one page. You can do this in a single sitting or you can add to it over the course of the week as things occur to you. Don’t worry whether the ideas you brainstorm are good or bad. Actually, I hope some of your thoughts are Arkham level wacky. It’s important to be as openminded as possible at this stage.

    • googleResearch the concept of PLAY using a search engine such as that certain one that rhymes with bugle. Try entering “play” in the search bar to see what kinds of websites, articles and images come up. As you look around, feel free to hop to related topics if they catch your attention. You can also search for the words you brainstormed. The goal is to get a sense of what PLAY means both to our culture and to you personally.

    • typing_fast.gifCollect at least 10 articles, definitions, images or other material from your online research. These should be things that you found interesting or inspiring and that you may want to reference again. Add the items to your creativity journal. You can either print stuff out and paste it (preferred) or take notes and make sketches from what you are looking at.

    • With your brainstorming and research in mind, make at least 10 thumbnail sketches to generate ideas for PLAYful monotypes.  For those who may not know, thumbnail sketches are quick drawings that explore what you might want to do in your artwork. For Project 1, it is not necessary to make more detailed drawings. You can if you really want to, but remember that the theme is PLAY, so you might want to leave the door open for spontaneity. FYI, although your thumbnails can build off one another (following trains of thoughts is generally worthwhile), I expect at least 10 distinct ideas. This is important because it gives you plenty of material to work with, which, in turn, allows you to concentrate on printing during our precious class time.


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