Drypoint: The Groundwork

Printmaking Homework Due 10/04/16

I know… I know. We’re having a critique on October 4th, so what’s this about homework due too?


Sorry, my darling printmakers, but, because I gave you extra time in class to finish your monotypes, we need to lay some groundwork for Project 2 at home. This set of mini-tasks should take you at most a few hours.

What to do, what to do…

  • Read the project guidelines for Project 2: Drypoint and the Established Mood. Seriously. Read them. Read them carefully. Not sure you read them carefully enough? Then read them again.

  • Find an example of a drypoint print you like using Google image search. Entering terms like “Drypoint Printmaking” or “Drypoint Printmaking (Insert Subject You Like Here)” are good places to start. Once you find your darling…
    1. Make sure it’s actually a drypoint (people are bad at tagging).
    2. Click “View image” to take you to the image specific page.
    3. Copy the url (web address) of the image page, and paste it in a comment on this homework post. Detailed instructions for posting a comment are available here.
    4. Tell us in the comment who made the piece, its title (if it has one) and any other info you think we’ll live incomplete lives without knowing. I have left an example in the comments already.

  • thumbnailComplete a minimum of ten thumbnail sketches of possible images for your drypoint intaglio print. Read the Project 2 guidelines (bullet point #1 above) FIRST so you are sure you understand the requirements. You may draw your thumbnails in your creativity journal. Feel free to come up with 10 totally separate ideas or explore variations of a few themes. What’s important is honest exploration during which you allow yourself to get inspiration from the process of ideation. Be prepared next class to discuss your ideas. Oh, and if you’re not 100% sure what thumbnail sketches are, check out this post with the full scoop. P.S. Keep in mind that the size of your prints will ultimately be dictated by the size of our drypoint plates, which are 4″ x 6″ (or 6″ x 4″… all orientations are welcome here!)

  • Practice using line to create value by completing the homework handout. Your goal is to recreate the shading on the example sphere using the techniques specified.

  • Run through the etching demonstration Museum of Modern Art’s interactive “What is Printmaking” site. You only need to look at etching, though you should feel free to noodle through the other types of printmaking, especially if you have a particular fondness for clicking. Fair warning: this website utilizes Flash, so you need to access it on a device + browser combination that has Flash enabled. FYI: for most people this means a computer.

kitten_fail.gifAaaaand… I’m sure you haven’t forgotten in the last half a dozen paragraphs, but your monotypes are due on the 4th. Check out the critique-specific post to make sure you’re 100% up to speed.

Now please enjoy this gif of a delightful kitten fail.



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