Homework and Projects and Blog Posts, Oh My!

Drawing At Home Stuffs Due 10/05/16

This week, you have two sets o’ stuff to complete for drawing: a straight-up homework assignment and several mini-tasks related to your first outside drawing project.


Uh oh… that sounds like a lot, but don’t freak out. With the exception of the homework drawing, the stuff isn’t especially time consuming. In other words, you can take a nap AND get everything done done. That’s a college-themed win-win, right there!

The Straight Up Homework Assignment

Draw the object given to you in class in two-point perspective from a point of view slightly above. You may draw in your creativity journal or on a separate piece of 8″ x 10″ or larger paper using graphite or charcoal. Be sure to apply what you have learned in class to make sure your drawing fills the page.

The Mini-Tasks Related to Project 1

  1. Read the guidelines for Project 1: Contour Still Life.

  2. Search the World Wide Interwebs for an example of still life contour drawing you like. Spend some time soaking in the possibilities by entering terms like “Contour Drawing Still Life” or “Beautiful Drawing Contour Still Life”. Once you find your darling, post the image as a comment on this homework post just as you have done in previous weeks. Include the artist’s name and title of the artwork if known. As always, detailed instructions for posting a comment are available here.

  3. Pick still life objects you might be interested in using. At least three must come from the list provided on the Project 1 guidelines.

  4. thumbnailRead the blog post on thumbnail sketches and why they’re beyond awesome for artists.

  5. Complete a minimum of ten thumbnail sketches of possible still life compositions for Project 1. Read the Project 1 guidelines FIRST so you are sure you understand the requirements. You may draw your thumbnails in your creativity journal. Keep in mind that the size of your final drawing will be 18″ x 24″ (or 24″ x 18″… all orientations are welcome here!), so set the proportions of your thumbnails accordingly. Be prepared next class to discuss your ideas.

That’s all of the things. Questions? Send them my way. Otherwise, have a glorious last few days of September/first few days of October!

8 thoughts on “Homework and Projects and Blog Posts, Oh My!

  1. Figure 4 Double still life drawing by; Ed Burke 18” x 24” Graphite / Paper
    I choose Ed Burke’s Double still life drawing as my contour still life. This piece fascinates me because I can keep looking into it to find hidden pictures within the picture. For example, the large number six is doing double duty as a real common piece of fruit I’ve used time and time and time again (right, to the point of misery), the lowly pear! Even the general motif of what could be a black and white tiled kitchen floor fits into the general still life mold without being so general after all.


  2. This drawing caught my attention. The artist is unavailable. I enjoy the use of dark and light lines to create a real picture of the boot.


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