Drypoint Guide Drawings Rule the World

Printmaking Homework Due 10/11/16


For our next class meeting, savvy printmakers, please complete your guide drawing for Project 2. This drawing should:

  1. be based on the thumbnail or thumbnails you and I discussed last class.*** You know… the one(s) most likely lead to a successful print according to the guidelines for Project 2. Haven’t read the guidelines yet? Better get on that, yo.

  2. be the same size as your zinc plate (4″ x 6″ either vertical or horizontal)

  3. face the direction you want it to face. No need to do backward writing acrobatics on this one. We’ll reverse the image automatically with our transfer process, meaning it will eventually print the same direction as your guide drawing.

  4. clearly indicate what you want in terms of overall composition, lines, shapes and blocks of value (our prints will be monochromatic, so use black, white and shades of gray). Put some detail in that bad boy! You will be transferring this drawing directly to the plate, so the more accurate you can be, the better. That said, you do not need to hatch/cross-hatch/stipple/etc. to get your areas of value within the guide drawing. Plain ol’ shading is fine so long as it is clear what you intend for your eventual print.

We will discuss your guide drawings at the beginning of class, so please have them ready to go before 5:20 pm. Spend some time on this… the more you do to nail down an exciting composition now, the more likely it is you will get a satisfying print.

***If I didn’t discuss your thumbnails with you in class on October 4, you need to e-mail me an image of each one NO LATER than Saturday, October 8. Tell me in the e-mail which one or ones you are leaning toward and why. I will respond with advice. After you read my reply, you can start your guide drawing. Failure to take this step in a timely manner will reduce your grade for Project 2.


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