Web Design Project 1 Due 10/13/16


As you know, your first project for Web Design is due Thursday, October 13 by the start of class. I will download all required digital files promptly at 5:20 pm. Remember that no late work is accepted in CGA140. Since Project 1 is worth 20% of your total course grade, make absolutely sure you give yourself enough time to upload before class. If, for some reason, you do not have a required component complete, turn in what you do have. Partial credit is so very much more happy than no credit!

hmmWhat Do you Need to Submit?

You will be turning in pretty much all the work you did related to Project 1. Anything that was done on paper will be submitted as a hard copy at the start of class. Digital files must labeled and organized (directions below) and then uploaded to the designated “Project 1 Submission” folder on Dropbox  no later than 5:19 pm.

Materials for Hard Copy Submission in Class

  1. visual and functional analysis worksheet for the existing popsice.com
  2. site map for the existing website
  3. 10+ rough wireframes for your redesign

Materials for Digital Submission Uploaded to Dropbox

Group the following together in a folder titled yourlastname_project1:

  1. redesigned site map in PSD or AI format labeled yourlastname_project1_sitemap

  2. 10+ visual ideations of your redesigned home page in JPG format labeled yourlastname_project1_ideation01, yourlastname_project1_ideation02, etc.

  3. four finished mock-ups representing the redesigned home page and three child in PSD format. Label the files yourlastname_project1mock_oneworddescriptor. Example: zartner_project1mock_home or zartner_project1mock_menu.

  4. Your four finished mock-ups labeled yourlastname_display01 (02, 03, 04) numbered in the order you want them shown. The home page should be 01. Save these display files as jpgs. Feel free to add chrome if desired for a as-you-woud-see-it appearance.

Questions? You know what to do!




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