More Awesome Drypointing, Less Jaunty Procrastinating

Printmaking Tasks Due 10/18/16

For next week, you have three tasks:

  1. Finish your Project 2: Drypoint matrix by completing the needle drawing on the plate.
  2. Do the homework assignment listed below.
  3. Profit.

Task the First: Project 2: Drypoint

You will have about two hours at the beginning of class to proof, make edits and complete your prints for Project 2 before we have a  mini-critique at 8 PM. It is in your super-serious, can’t-stress-this-enough best interest to come to class with your drypoint matrix complete (or as close to it as you can get). If you’re the type of person who enjoys the occasional jaunty procrastination, this isn’t the time to indulge . Not only do I notice when you aren’t ready for class, but not doing the at-home components of a project greatly reduces the quality of work.


Use your anti “pretend-it-doesn’t-exist-forcefield”  laser cannon on this one, folks!

Based on what I saw in class on the 11th, almost everyone has some work to do developing a complete and resolved project. In general, you all have room to build a richer range of values and marks and an overall more sophisticated image. Your proofs (if you made some) or your guide drawings can help determine what needs further attention. Consider viewing your proofs or your matrix upside down or in a photograph to get a different perspective on what’s working and what’s not.

Task the Second: Homework

Finishing the needle work on you drypoint plate is your trophy-for-number-one task this week. However, you also have a homework assignment to be completed in your creativity journal.


Now that you are familiar with some fancy printmaking lingo, prove it! Define the seven terms listed below and answer the three subsequent questions.  Feel free to look stuff up in printmaking texts, articles or glossaries, but use your own words.

Define the following:

  1. Matrix
  2. Plate
  3. Brayer
  4. Bead
  5. Split Font
  6. Impression
  7. Ghost

Answer the following:

  1. What is printmaking? Consider what has to take place in order for something to be considered a print rather than a drawing or painting.
  2. What is monotype and what are some of the key characteristics of the medium?
  3. What is drypoint intaglio and what are some of the key characteristics of the medium?

I will check that you have completed this assignment at the beginning of class on October 18th. It will factor into your creativity journal grade.

Speaking of… don’t forget, the first review of your creativity journal is two weeks from now on October 25, at which point you should have filled somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 pages (70 front and back).

Task the Third: Profit!

Ooog… 140 creativity journal pages, homework and a critique… scary, scary, SCARY. Quick, let’s talk about something happy. That’s right… food!


A request was put in to have nosh for crits from here on out. For next Wednesday, I will bring chips and guacamole to share. Feel free to bring something as well, either for yourself or the group. Don’t go overboard, though. This is a mini crit, which will only last 30-40 minutes.


Send them my way. Otherwise I’ll see you next week!



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