The Great Web Design Balancing Act of 2016

tightrope_danceWeb Design Tasks Due 10/27/16

This week we start walking a dual tightrope that leads to next-level web glory. One foot will be dancing through the preparatory steps for Project 2 while the other takes massive strides across the code we must learn to realize our dramatic development dreams. It will be an intricate balancing act, my intrepid Web Designers, especially with the bevy of upcoming holidays. Never fear, though. I believe in us!

Project 2 Underway!

As you know from our last class, we are underway with our second project in CGA140: a hand-coded site for the fictional non-profit Garden State Press & Rare Type Collection. As with Project 1, we will be working through Project 2 step-by-step. There is a twist, however. We are going treat this whole shebang though it were a real, honest-to-jellybeans commissioned job. Break out the 20 sided dice, my friends, because it’s time to role play!


All the Dos that Need Doing

  1. Read the Guidelines for Project 2, and read ’em GOOD!

  2. professionalSend me an appropriate reply to the mock e-mail you received from prospective client Lynn Smith. If you’re not sure what a professional e-mail response entails, do some internet research, and checky-check the bullet points below:

    • Ideally, you should respond to business-related e-mails within 24 hours (though I understand it may not be possible for this assignment, because skool).

    • Write a short but targeted subject line, so the client knows you have crafted an individual response.

    • Start with a formal salutation: “Dear Mr./Ms./Dr./Professor/etc ClientName”, Unless you have been invited to use a first name, it is better to err on the side of formality.

    • Thank the client for contacting you.

    • State your purpose—the main gist of your communication—as succinctly as possible. I know it seems somewhat hypocritical in the middle of this long post, but people want e-mails to be brief and to-the-point.

    • Demonstrate that you have carefully read the client’s message by addressing any questions or key topics they raise.

    • Finish the body of the e-mail by outlining clear expectations for what’s next. Does the client need send more information? Will you call to follow up? Etc. If you name a time at which or by which you intend to do something, make sure you can and do meet that goal.

    • Sign with an appropriate closing such as “Sincerely” or “Best Regards” followed by your preferred name or e-signature.

    • Before sending, check spelling and grammar.

  3. gots_to_know.gifBased on Ms. Smith’s initial e-mail, brainstorm 10 questions you might ask to help move this commission forward. Write these down and bring them to our next class meeting. You will get a chance to ask the Director herself to get all the delicious inside scoop-age.

Homework: “It’s All About Appearance” Edition

fabulousThis week’s textbook assignment is to read Chapter 5 and complete Chapter 7, both of which help you understand how to make your websites all pretty and fabulous-like. Wait… 5 and 7… what happened to 6? Well, Chapter 6 covers web standards, which are decidedly UN-pretty (aside from the fact that we covered them pretty well in class). Therefore, you don’t have to go through it all again unless you want/need a review.

Chapter 5 (163–218) is on images for the web. Read it, but you do not have to do the exercises unless you want to (I don’t need to see the work either way, though I am happy to answer questions). Ultimately, I leave it up to you based on your personal level of comfort with image manipulation. Please note that you will need to know how to save your images in the most appropriate size/file formats, how to use images as links and how to work with transparency in PNGs. Chapter 5 is your main outlet for all this, since we will not cover it during class time in any significant way.

Chapter 7 (255–309) expands upon what we covered in class regarding CSS. As with the homework last week, gather your finished chapter work  in a folder titled yourlastname_homework_october27, and e-mail it to me no later than 5:19 pm on—you guessed it—October 27. The folder should include the entirety of your Lounge website as it exists in its final, chapter-end state, organized within a subfolder titled yourlastname_lounge_october27. It should also contain a single PDF combining scans or photographs of your written work from pages 260, 263, 268, 271, 279, 289, 293, 296, 297, 302 (optional for extra credit).

Have groovin’ weekend!




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