Web Design Updates and Project 2 Info

Happy Halloween, My Spooky Web Designers!

vomiting_pumpkin.jpgUnfortunately, I have spent most of the lead up to this holiday feeling like this punkin–>

The weekend’s unexpected bout with the StomachFlu Fairy was definitely a trick rather than treat, and one that has effectively knocked me down and out. As a result, everything got away from me this weekend (and sadly, I do mean everything… ugh). It turns out the yack-tastic, sleeps-a-lot version of Del is not a very responsible, file-sending, blog-post writing instructor. :/

Thankfully, I am feeling a little more stable today, so I have uploaded to Dropbox a folder containing the site map for gardenstatepress.org and the description, mission and contact information for Garden State Press & Rare Type Collection. This should be used to supplement last Thursday’s in-class client meeting/interview.

FYI: I have NOT added images or info about contracts yet, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. Don’t fret… it’s good-ish news.

First though… some links to practical information…

Design Brief


Below are three links with fab info on writing a design brief just in case you’re struggling with the execution of this important document. Remember, there is no single way to approach the process and no definitive list of “must includes”. The design brief will vary from project to project, but you’re golden as long as you remember the ultimate goal is to create a clear project guide for both you and the client.

  1. A short-but-solid overview of briefs for web design:  http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2011/03/7-basics-to-create-a-good-design-brief/

  2. A more detailed description of what to ask (and why) as well as a section with comparisons of existing design briefs: not-successful vs. successful: https://designschool.canva.com/blog/effective-design-brief/

  3. A whole flippin’ course on the topic: https://www.lynda.com/Design-Business-tutorials/Running-Design-Business-Creative-Briefs/114320-2.html. This hour-long lesson gives a great overview of the design (creative) brief: whats, whys and hows. I strongly recommend you watch this. You must be signed in to Lynda.com, but, for your convenience, I have linked the course to you as a playlist. If you can’t eek out an hour right now, at least view the Exercise files within the lesson. These contain example questionnaires and blank briefs as well as a completed sample.

information_frogYou don’t know the half of it, cartoon frog!


Ah, pricing… the pain-in-the- posterior bane of nearly every freelance creative’s existence.  Yet learning how to charge for your work is crucially important if you want to secure clients and establish a viable career.


Unfortunately, no one can provide you with a perfect list of numbers since price depends on your experience and skills, the particular project at hand and the current economic landscape where you work. However, linked below are some get-started guides to supplement what we talked about in class.

  1. A general guide to pricing web designs: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/tips-tricks/how-to-price-your-services-a-guide-for-web-designers

  2. Online calculators to help you set project prices. These won’t work in every situation, but they are a place to start. Try ’em out!
    1. http://www.webpagefx.com/How-much-should-web-site-cost.html
    2. http://thenuschool.com/how-much#/start

boatload_of_puppiesRemember that unless it’s a close personal friend or family member or an extremely unusual situation (like you’re saving a boatload of puppies from killer seaweed through the power of web design) you should never ever EVER work for free. You have put a lot of time, money and effort into learning a highly skilled profession, and you should be compensated accordingly. It’s especially important to discourage the practice of spec work, which is damaging to all designers, not just yourself.

Updated and Hopefully Good News about Project 2


And finally, let’s return to why I’m holding off on uploading images and contracts right now (other than because of my low-energy oog). I decided in a bout of fevered wisdom  this weekend that it’s impossible to squeeze everything that needs doin’ for Project 2 into the one sad, lone little class we have before the published due date. Thus, I am postponing said date to December 1, 2016.

That sounds like forever away, but it actually only gives us one extra class period due to Fall Break and Thanksgiving break. Still, the delay should mean we have a chance to move through the steps of Project 2 without quite so much rush and crunch. This, in turn, means it’s not so urgent that you start on ideations this week, which in turn turn means you don’t yet need images.

All that said, If you’ve already gotten ideations underway, great… you’re currently winning Web Design! If not, don’t worry about it. Concentrate on writing a strong design brief and understanding the techniques introduced in Chapter 11 of your textbook. They are super special awesome important.


So what exactly is due for Thursday? Email me the following in a folder yourlastname_november3:

  1. a sub-folder titled yourlastname_starbuzz_float with the float layout files from Chapter 11 (code from pages 482–496)
  2. a sub-folder titled yourlastname_starbuzz_jello with the jello layout files from Chapter 11 (code from pages 501–502)
  3. a sub-folder titled yourlastname_starbuzz_absolute with the absolute layout files from Chapter 11 (code from pages 503–509)
  4. a sub-folder titled yourlastname_starbuzz_table with the table display layout files from Chapter 11 (plus overtones of float, absolute and fixed positioning; code from pages 510–536)
  5. a design brief for Project 2 in pdf format built from the information you gleaned in your interview with Lynn Smith as well as from the materials she provided and any research you have done on similar organizations.

Please note that I do NOT need a pdf with images of handwritten work for Chapter 11, though, as always, you may include an image of the crossword for a bit of extra credit.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail or comment.

Enjoy the holiday! Eat some candy for me, since I’m pretty sure it would be a massively disgusting waste for me to do so.




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