Screen Print Nation!

Printmaking Tasks Due 11/15/16


Here’s what’s next! Finish these four tasty tasks for Tuesday!

  1. Carefully read the Guidelines for Project 4: POP! Goes the Screen Print, especially the information under the Project Description subheading. Spoiler alert: there’s optional extra credit somewhere on this one!

  2. Run through the MOMA interactive exercise on screen printing. I imagine you know the drill by now, but in case not, this is a Flash-based site that won’t work on all devices. And, oh hay, come to class ready to explain the basic history and terms the exercise teaches you. I will ask you questions, and no one likes a pained I-don’t-know silence.

  3. Find an example of a screen print you like using an online image search. It doesn’t have to be related to our theme, but make sure it’s actually a screen print. Digital technology has created some lookalikes. Post your choice along with its title and artist as a comment. I have already added an example for you.

  4. As with our previous projects, brainstorm and research to jump start your creativity, and then sketch at least 10 thumbnails in your creativity journal. These should represent ten distinct directions you might take this print. We will meet one-on-one next week to discuss.

  5. Be ready to expound profound on your woodblock print during our critique, which will be at the beginning of our next class. Fair warning: given the guidelines for Project 3, I’m going to be particularly keen for you to explain what point of view you adopted and how you used formal and aesthetic considerations to convey it.

And What’s Next After That…?

After our critique next week, we will discuss thumbnails and also have an introduction to the technique of paper stencil screen printing. Come ready to absorb the learnin’!




6 thoughts on “Screen Print Nation!

  1. “Beatitudes Wall” by Sister Corita Kent. Created for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, it was re-displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in 2014. This baby is four feet high and more than 40′ long.


    Plus it’s a sentiment some of us might need right now. 🙂


  2. Bouncing Souls “Simplicity” Pre- Order 18×24 poster by El Jefe

    Definitely done with the burned screen technique, but homeboy’s illustration is TIGHT


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