Yeah… So… Election

So this thing happened on Tuesday….


What can we say about it?

Huh… well, it was… something. The rough and divisive nature of both the campaign and the election has certainly produced strong emotions in people on both sides of this aisle. As you are no doubt aware, protests are happening nationwide. There is a lot of uncertainty floating around about what happens next. Heck, reading the comment section on any given political article or Facebook post is like staring into the time vortex (don’t do it; you’ll go insane).

If you feel anxious, are being bullied or simply want to vent some feelings because of this turbulent transition, I am willing to listen. I am in no way a trained counselor, but sometimes talking helps. Outside of that, make sure you are engaging with friends, family and others who will give you support. For more serious discussion, you may wish to contact Salem Community College  for information about what counseling resources exist in the area.

Stay strong, my wonderful students!


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