10… 8… 12…

Web Design Homework Due 11/17/16

You presumably remember what is due for this upcoming Thursday, but, just in case something this week… oh, I don’t know what… just something… knocked it clean out of your head…


…then, here’s a reminder of what must be completed by the beginning of class on Thursday, November 17.

  •  10 ideations,
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 12.

Details are below.


preparation.jpgComplete your prep work for Project 2: Non-Profit Glory. This must include at least 10 ideations for your home page. It may also involve wireframes and mock ups depending on your personal workflow. The latter two things are helpful in planning the super-dooper-important total functioning of a site (as opposed to just up-front look).

For areas of text in your ideations, you can use placeholder (lorem ipsum). I will provide you with written content files next class. The site map, business description and available images are all in the folder labeled “Garden State Press and Rare Type Collection” on our class Dropbox.

Come prepared to discuss your ideations and the direction you intend to take your Garden State website at the beginning of class on Thursday, November 17.


Complete Chapter 8 in your textbook: pages 311 to 359. When you’re finished, send me the website folder for Tony’s Segway’n USA journal site as it exists at the end of the chapter. You may include an image of the completed crossword on page 356 for extra credit. Combine Chapter 8 files in a folder with Chapter 12 (see point 3 below) labeled yourlastname_homework_nov17, and e-mail it to me before the start of class on the 17th.

helvetica_arielSome info: chapter 8 covers CSS for type and color. Pay special attention to the sections on font sizing. This will be important for coding your Garden State site

There is a short section on Web Fonts in the chapter. You may notice the code is slightly different than what I showed you in class. You will still use the @font-face property in your CSS, but the src url is an absolute path linking to an online font. So far, we have done our web fonts locally, downloading a webkit font folder from Font Squirrel and linking it via @font-face and a relative path—src: url(‘folder/fontname’). Actually, we didn’t even think that deeply about it, since Font Squirrel conveniently provides all the code we need in their sample stylesheets. Copy/Paste FTW!

The salient point is that the spirit of the process is the same, it’s just that one font is hosted online while the other is downloaded and hosted as part of our own website.


Complete chapter 12 in your textbook: pages 545 to 599. Send the updated Starbuzz website folder as it exists at the end of the chapter PLUS a single pdf combining images of completed work for 546, 547, 549, 555, 557, 560, 568, 569, 576 and 596 (optional for extra credit). These should be saved together with the work for Chapter 8 in a folder labeled yourlastname_homework_nov17, and e-mailed to me before the start of class on the 17th.

Other Stuff Worth Knowin’


In addition to reviewing ideations next week, we will run through an reminder exercise on CSS layout techniques (the infamous Chapter 11). Hopefully it will help clear up things for everyone. I will also lay a few reminders about type on ya. Then you will have a bit of time to work on your project sites.

P.S. If you happened to vote and you want that most elusive reward—extra credit—bring your proof: voter registration card, sneaky ninja poll selfies, sticker, etc. Well, bring the sticker if you live somewhere other than the apparently very stingy state of New Jersey, which seems to hate joy, exuberance and everything else stickers embody.

P.P.S. I am almost caught up on grading and will send everyone an update on where they stand in the class on Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your break and see you Thursday!



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