Extra Credit Opportunity

Extra, extra, extra credit for students in Del’s fall 2016 classes!


Happy Friday, my intrepid Drawing, Printmaking and Web Design students! It may be fall break, but there’s never a wrong time to introduce a shiny new extra credit opportunity!

from_the_oak_deskAs you may or may not know, Salem Community College has an online literary and art magazine called From the Oak Desk. It is published monthly and features the work of current students. Supercool… check it out.

Anyhoo… I will award 10 extra credit points to anyone who, between now December 15th, submits a piece representing the work they’re doing in my class(es). In other words, printmaking students should submit a print from class, Drawing students should submit a drawing from class and web designers should submit a mock up or website from class. The submission process for From the Oak Desk is as easy as snapping a photo and sending an e-mail.

Nitty Gritty Oh-So-Pretty Step-by-Step on How to Get the Extra Credit:

  1. Follow From the Oak Desk‘s Submission Process to enter a piece or pieces from the class or classes in which you want extra credit.
  2. Do this not later than the magazine’s December deadline, which is the 15th.
  3. Forward me a copy of your sent submission e-mail with timestamp and attachment(s) in place.
  4. Profit.
  5. french_fries

    Actual fries I got from a Middle Eastern restaurant just down the street from me in Philly. Hand cut with grilled peppers and onions… if that doesn’t make you want to be an engaged, exhibiting artist, I don’t know what will!

    Go for french fries (which always sound amazing after being all productive and crap).

  6. Profit more because french fries.

FYI: this is a one-time only offer, meaning you can only get points once. Don’t spam Professors Lucente and Martin with a new e-mail every time you make an art. Rather, choose wisely. The caveat is that, if you have more than one class with me, you may receive extra credit in all of the above if you submit appropriate pieces for each. These multiple submissions can be sent to the From the Oak Desk jury in one e-mail.

Questions? Feel free to ask in a comment.


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