Thanksgiving Week is Tastier with Screen Printing

Printmaking Homework Due 11/22/16

For our pre-Turkey day class meeting, please do the following:


Complete your guide drawing for Project 4: POP! Goes the Screenprint.


This drawing should:

  1. Be based on the thumbnail or thumbnails you and I discussed in class.

  2.  Face the direction you want your printed image face. Screen printing does not reverse the image like the other methods we’ve learned this semester.

  3. Be between 11″x 14″ and 16″ x 20″ in size.

  4. stencil.jpg

    All bets are off if anyone is hardcore enough to cut a stencil like this one!

    Have a minimum of three colors not counting white (which is created by saving the paper color). You can design something with more than three, but keep in mind that you will be cutting a stencil for each color (except white). On your guide drawing you can either fill in the colors or write in what’s what. The latter is the better way to go if you’re not sure whether you’re done making changes, but of course the former gives you a better idea of how your print will look.

We will discuss your guide drawings briefly as a group at the beginning of class, so please have them ready to go before 5:20 pm. And, yeah… spend some time on this… the more you do to nail down an exciting composition now, the more likely it is you will get a satisfying print.

If you want a progress check before next class, feel free to e-mail me a photo of your drawing, and I’ll respond with feedback. This is optional, btdubs.


packPack the following items. Do it. Go put ’em in that schoolbag RIGHT NOW so you don’t forget.

  1. An X-acto knife.

  2. A package of X-acto blades. Blades go dull as you work, and it’s much, much, MUCH easier to cut wax paper if you have fresh new sharp ones on hand. That is, unless you want your stencils to look like you chewed them to shape.

  3. A Sharpie marker

  4. A pad of newsprint at least 16″ x 20″. 18″ x 24″ is groovy too.

  5. plastic_containersPlastic containers for mixing. These can be of the purchased Gladware or Ziplock variety OR can be repurposed margarine containers, parmesan cheese tubs, yogurt cups, etc. Anything plastic 8oz or larger with a lid will do. No breaky, breaky glass, please!

By the way, this group of to-brings shouldn’t come as a shock. These are all items from your course supply list. We do not have this stuff for use in the classroom nor will I have them myself, so get ye packing!


tshirt.jpgIn addition to making your guide drawing, spend some time this week on a design for t-shirt printing… assuming you want to, that is. It’s optional.

FYI, I will be burning screens on Monday, November 28 so the last day to turn something in physically is next Tuesday, November 22. If your image is digital, you have until Sunday, November 27 at which point I need a good quality jpg or png by e-mail. Guidelines are below

Even if you don’t want to make an original design, you are still welcome to participate in shirt printing on November 29. All you have to do is bring a shirt… preferably one that will look good with a black design (black on black is SO last season). You can use the design I create or maybe even one by a classmate, assuming you ask super special nicely.

Guidelines for Shirt Designs

  • Our textile ink is black so make the design… you know…black

  • 7″ x 7″ is the max size for your design. It can, of course, be smaller than 7″ x 7″.

  • Either original illustrations or photographs are fine as long as they have opaque blacks. Illustrations can be done on the computer or on a piece of clear acetate in sharpie marker, grease pencil or paint.

  • If you are sending me a digital file, it must be black and white only. You can send a vector file in ai format OR a raster file in jpg or png format. Raster images should be1000px in the long direction at 300ppi.

Das ist alles! Have a great week!



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