One of the Few Instances Del Endorses More Heat

Cure Your Screened T-Shirts for Longevity and Potential World Domination

Great job with the t-shirt printing yesterday, my industrious printmakers!


We shall be the envy of everyone in the Delaware Valley! Well… at least everyone with a shred of sensibility of what’s AWESOME.


As you may remember me shouting amidst the cleaning chaos yesterday night, if you want your shirt to last beyond a washing or two, you need to cure it. No, no, no… don’t rush it to the local medicine man, Sillybean… cure means heat treating it to fully set the ink.

Here’s How:

  1. Wait until the ink is totally dry. Our screen stuff is water based, so you won’t exactly languish in eternal limbo. Even so, I recommend giving it a day or two.

  2. If our collectively inky hands/tools/classroom got bloops on your shirt where you didn’t want bloops, you can try to remove them by scrubbing the offending mark(s) with soap+water and a sponge or rag. Be careful not to get the actual design wet. You can also try Kiss Off Stain Remover, which works well even for frustratingly stubborn art materials. That said, textile ink is meant to have staying power, so there’s no guarantee you can un-bloop that which has already achieved bloopatude.

  3. Set a household iron at the highest dry (no steam) heat you can without scorching the fabric of your particular shirt.

  4. Place a buffer cloth or sturdy piece of paper between the iron and printed material.

  5. Heat the front of the design through the extra cloth/paper  for 3 – 5 minutes.

  6. Turn the shirt inside out and repeat steps 3 – 5 for the back of the design.

  7. Eureka! Your fabulous wearable art can now withstand repeated washings.

  8. Establish your dominion over all the drab non-art wearers (and do it in a clean shirt!)

By da by, in case you don’t have an iron at home, I will try to find mine to bring to class next week. The operative work in that sentence is “try,” btdubs. I know I own an iron. Okay… I’m like 87% sure I own an iron. However, I can’t remember the last time I used it, so it may have gone to the place where single socks and extra sets of keys go to languish.

One More Thing…



Tune in later this week to Same Bat-URL, Same Bat-Blogroll for another post on all the need to know for our final class! (*sniffle*)



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