Digital Photography Homework Due 01/27/17


Man… homework-on-the-first-day teachers are the WORST.


Okay… maybe I’m a LITTLE sorry, but I’m afraid first-day homework is just kind of unavoidable in a once per week class. Hey… at least you get to play with a digital camera! Think about those poor schmucks in Calculus!

Anyhoo… this week’s homework is actually a bundle o’ mini-assignments. Don’t forget: no late work is accepted in my classes.

  1. Buy your supplies. Do it. Do it now (you need them next week).

  2. If you haven’t already, join Del’s Digital Classroom via the invite sent to your SCC e-mail account. Step-by-step instructions on joining are located here.

  3. Read the course syllabus and fill out/sign the syllabus questionnaire. It is due at the beginning of class next week.

  4. If necessary, revise the “About You” post you started in class. Make sure you have shared a couple of things that make you the most you-y you there is. Since this is photography class, hopefully that will include something about why this subject interests you. End your post by sharing an image of a photography you like by someone other than you. Make sure you tell us who took it!

  5. If you haven’t already, leave a comment on the “About” post directly above yours in the blogroll (top/last student on the blog, comment on the bottom/first student). It doesn’t have to be a grand holding forth. A simple, “Hi, cool pic” or “Hey, that’s awesomesauce that you do ____” is fine. You should also add an image of some kind so I know you understand how putting pictures in comments differs from adding them to posts (for directions clicky click here). You guys are welcome to comment on other posts besides the one you’re assigned, but it’s not required.

  6. Read Chapter One from A Short Course in Digital Photography by Barbara London and Jim Stone

  7. In order to gain familiarity with your DSLR, continue to work on the exercise we began in class. Make a minimum of 36 exposures on the Auto setting (cheat sheet below). Focus on “light” as your subject. Do not delete any images. Keep them all saved on your memory card until the next class meeting.
    Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 2.59.35 PM.png

**Don’t forget to bring your camera, accessories, memory card and hard drive to the next class!**



E-mail me. Otherwise, see you next week for more delicious digital photography goodness!



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