Greatness… That’s What They Call Me

My name is Savanna Gonzalez, friends call me Savy or Seven, family calls me Greatness. I was the first freshman from Pennsville Memorial High School to pass the Acuplacer and start college at the age 15. I always maintain straight A’s. Then I skipped a grade, which makes me closer to starting college full time. Now I will graduate Highschool in 2018. All my life I have been experimenting on all different types of mediums. I’ve been an artist since I first picked up a crayon. Now it’s my goal to attempt every type of art before I die (such as writing, I have written a children’s book, and all mediums of art, dance,video, act, and sing). I am always up to trying new creative things. Thats what I call a good day. I love being an artist, I’ve always tried to be the best in what I do. I love it when people express that my work has the wow factor. To conclude, I’m very quiet until you get to know me . 7c17ba3567c1311530b81f5bb84365ef


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