Chelsea? Oh her, what about her?

Hello, my names Chelsea, some call me Chels. Theres not many nicknames for me. So anyway, I’ve pretty much lived here in Jersey my entire life. My family and I travel alot during the summers. I took Graphic Design all four years of high school, I guess you can say I had a leg up ready for college level Graphics. I’ve always drew pictures and colored when I was in middle school. Its hard to believe but I’ve been on a computer since I was 5. I started messing around in photoshop doing silly edits when I was about 14. Thats when I knew I wanted to get into learning more about Graphic Design so I started taking the class in high school. From being in the class I got more attached to it and decided to do that as my career. So here I am at SCC doing Graphic Arts. I graduate in the spring and then I’m transferring to another college to get my Bachelors. Thats about it. Here’s my favorite painting. I also like Starry Night. still-life-vase-with-twelve-sunflowers


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