Figure Drawing Homework Due 01/30/17


Yes, homework… and on the first day of class too! Maannnnn!

Sorry, my charming Figure Drawers, but it’s inevitable in a class that only meets 14 times in a semester. :/ If it helps, this week’s homework is broken up into bite-sized bits for easier digestion!

  1. Buy your supplies. Do it. Do it now (you need them next week).

  2. If you haven’t already, join Del’s Digital Classroom via the invite sent to your SCC e-mail account. Step-by-step instructions on joining are located here.

  3. Read the course syllabus and fill out and sign the syllabus questionnaire. It is due at the beginning of class next week.

  4. Introduce yourself by making a new post in the figure drawing category on this blog. Share a couple of things that make you the most you-y you there is. Since this is art class, hopefully that will include something about why you make/like art. End your post by sharing an image of a favorite piece of art that has a person in it. Clicky click here for instructions on making posts.

  5. Finally, in your sketchbook (the one specified in your supply list), make master copies of Handouts #01 and #02. FILL one full page with each and put the date on the bottom. Remember you need to keep all your handouts in a safe place, since you will turn them in as part of your final portfolio. If you like, you can glue or tape each handout to the facing page so when your sketchbook is open you see the handout on one side and your drawing on the other.

    Tips for this Week’s Copies

    1. You may use pencil or charcoal, though pencil may be easier to work with for this set of drawings.
    2. Draw from light to dark. If you start dark, it’s difficult to make changes.
    3. Remember what we discussed in class with regard to capturing the overall directionality of figure(s) aka the line of action.
    4. For Handouts #1 and #2 it’s okay to capture the overall feel. You should get the main lines close to where they are in the originals, but it’s okay if every secondary swoop isn’t in exactly the same place.

More Info for Your Perusing Pleasure

why_are_we_doing_this.gifSo… um… why are we doing the whole master copy thing? Shouldn’t we be making our own stuff?!? Yes, but, by copying from skilled drawers, you absorb some of their techniques, cementing and even building on what you’re learning in class. That way, when you do work on your own drawings, you’re better prepared. Master copies also introduce you to different ways of seeing and working with the figure.

Given the benefits, I strongly recommend you do a careful job on each of these assignments. If the learnin’ itself is not enough incentive, remember your sketchbook/master copies represent 20% of your overall course grade, so your GPA will also thank you.

**Don’t forget to bring your new supplies, sketchbook and completed homework to the next meeting!** No late work is accepted in my classes.



E-mail me. Otherwise, see you next week for more figure drawing awesomeness!


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