All About Anne

I am one of seven children.  I am the dreaded middle child.  Mom kept me busy with pencils, books, paper, more books, acrylic paint, then my favorite, oils.  Growing up in school, I had one questionable remark on my report cards and that was the fact that I didn’t “apply myself”. This same card carried all A’s, every subject.  What The Frick?  I’m framing that one.

For me to choose a favorite painting is to send a kid to a candy shop, without a list.  Inevitably, unless I go with the first that comes into my head, I will want to choose as much as that kid could carry.  So, here is Howard Pyle’s The Mermaid.  I fell in love with this scene, at first sight, many moons ago.  Then I examined it to find out why I felt so wild about two figures in a hug.  It’s the whole mood, set by the moon and its glow upon the lover’s skin.  It’s the fact it has the ability to tell a story.  I can feel the motion of the water as it winds a round the figures as I feel the soft impact of their embrace.  You can see that he pulled her up to himself as she rose out of the water as much as a mermaid possibly could.  I wish I watched Pyle painting this.  Maybe I can look up his notes to find how he saw this happen.  There’s no Photoshop here, no illustrator, no computers.  It’s real imagination.  Something I want to achieve with a paintbrush and a little alchemy.02_pyle_themermaid_1910


2 thoughts on “All About Anne

  1. I enjoyed your playful and poetic tale, Anne. However, this post is in the wrong category. To fix it, go to “Edit” at the top of the post. Once you’re in the WordPress editor, open the “Categories” dropdown menu. Click the toggle next to “Painting” AND unclick the one by “Class General Information. Then hit the tempting blue “Update” button and you’re done.


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