Contour Cacophony

Figure Drawing Homework Due 2/6/17


As you did last week, make master copies of the handouts you were given in class, in this case Handout #3 and Handout #4. I expect closer copies than were possible for Handouts #1 and #2, which were gestural. Make sure to fill the page and add a date.

Don’t forget to keep all your handouts in a safe place. You will turn them in as part of your final portfolio. If you don’t like them sliding around in your sketchbook, tape or glue them in, or put them in a separate folder entirely.

Tips for this Week’s Copies

  1. You may use pencil or charcoal,.
  2. Start with a gesture drawing to establish the overall pose and composition. Find the line of action and the main masses (da eggs!) Keep your marks light so you can erase later.
  3. Using the gesture as a guide, sketch in the contours. Anxious to go dark? Hold that thought, Skippy! You want to keep your lines erasable until you’re 100% slap-yourself-on-the-kneecap sure things are where you want them.
  4. Work ALL OVER the page going from loose to refined. The drawings should be completed as a whole composition in several total passes rather than one nitpicked section at a time.


Do some noodling around the internets to find figurative contour drawings. Post an image of a piece you like as a comment on this homework post. Be sure to include the artist, title and year (if known).

Can’t remember how to work with comments on our website? Booya:

Other Stuffs…

If you haven’t purchased your supplies, you absolutely, positively need them for next class. You cannot complete the required work on loose sheets of paper.

Also, if you missed doing it this week, bring in your syllabus questionnaire for our next meeting. Although it is now late and you will not receive points for it, I still need to see that you have read and understood the syllabus. I will not assign you any other grades in this course until I know we’re on the same page


E-mail or comment and answers shall be yours!



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