Proportion Party

Figure Drawing Homework Due 02/13/17

For this week, make a master copy of Handout #5 using pencil (recommended) or charcoal in a manner similar to last week’s assignment. Pay special attention to recreating the variety of line qualities (thickness and thinness). This will provide a snazzy lead in to what we’re doing next week.

In addition, make a copy of either the male or female figure on the Proportions of the Human Figure handout. Make light horizontal lines to mark the “heads” within the height of body. Number the divisions 1–8 and make a notation of what part of the body approximately falls on each line. Finally, bracket and label some of the other main proportions of the figure including:

  • width of the head
  • width of the shoulder
  • width of the hips
  • width across the chest between the nipples
  • length of the arm (total)
  • length of the arm (shoulder to elbow)
  • length of the arm (elbow to fingertips)
  • where the fingers fall with relation to the leg (with arm hanging straight)
  • where the elbow falls with relation to the torso (with arm hanging straight)
  • length of the leg (total)
  • length of the leg (knee to foot)


Other Stuff: Contour Comment Redux

This past week, if you didn’t post a comment with an example of a contour figure drawing, please do so before next Monday. We will look at them at the beginning of next class. Leave it on the Contour Cacophony post (where also live more detailed instructions). If. you already chose an example but uploaded as a post rather than a comment, please redo it as a comment. Step-by-step how-to lives here.

One More Thing


Make sure you have plenty of fresh newsprint next week. Drawing on the back of existing drawings is not a viable method for this class. You should also bring in your drawing paper pad (you don’t need the charcoal pad yet). 

See you next week!



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