Six Days and One Long Illness Later…

Painting Homework Reminders for 02/08/17

Hello, my cheerful painters, on this unseasonably tropical Tuesday in February.


Phew… it is still February, right?

First, my sincere apologies for not getting a blog post up until now. As many of you know, I spent much of the last week sick with some serious yucks. About all I felt up to was sleeping and… er… other less pleasant stomach flu related activities. Good times. >_<


On the bright side, it looks like most of you are on track with regard to the Project 1 tasks assigned so far. Or at least you chose a desired painting panel size, which leads me to believe you completed the other requirements. By the way, I have e-mailed you a list of the board cut requests I received. Please take a moment to check your e-mail to make sure the size I have recorded for you is correct and the one you actually want.

table_sawIf you are one of those folks who did NOT send an e-mail with a panel choice, I presume you have made arrangements to get a board on your own. Aaaanndd… if that is not the case and sending me a selection simply got lost in the mental shuffle, well boy howdy are you a lucky lil’ art student! As you might imagine, if I didn’t feel up to making homework posts, I certainly wasn’t able to sling sheets of plywood through a table saw. Therefore, I will be cutting in the shop first thing tomorrow (Wednesday). If you contact me by 10 am, I can add your request to the list.

Did You Do All the Do That Needs Doing?

If you haven’t already, make sure you do the following in order to be prepared for class tomorrow:

  1. get_shit_doneWrite a paragraph expressing some aspect of yourself you would like to explore through Project 1: Still Life Self Portrait. It may be about your character, a memory or a future goal or an aspect of your emotional or mental state. If you wish, this may be done in your creativity journal.

  2. Take a look at the still life objects you gathered last week. Do they match what you want to express according to your paragraph? If not, don’t include them. For those items that do, write a sentence or two about each to help you choose a final selection. Why does Object X belong in your composition? If you wish, this may be done in your creativity journal.

  3. Spend some time making different still life arrangements. How might each layout affect the mood, energy or meaning of the piece? Consider also the compositional strategies we discussed in class.

  4. Once you are satisfied with your chosen objects and composition, draw your still life the size you will be painting (aka the size of your panel). A somewhat loose contour drawing on any paper is fine. This isn’t a standalone artwork. after all. Rather it will allow us to review the composition before painting, and it will simultaneously provide a guide from which we can transfer image to panel.

I also recommend reviewing the Project 1 Guidelines to make sure the still life you’ve crafted for yourself is a good choice. If you were paying attention in class, this shouldn’t be an issue, as you heard a fairly detailed verbal description. And you really heard it, because you were all paying total, 100%, David-Tennant-is-on-TV level attention, right?



Did You Pack All the Items You Need?


  • paragraph about yourself
  • list of sentences explaining the significance of each possible still life object
  • creativity journal
  • still life drawing
  • still life objects
  • box in which the still life can be comfortably set up
  • paints, brushes, palette, etc.
  • wood board cut to size (if you are bringing your own)
  • a small lightweight lamp or clip lamp if you own one. I have about a dozen of the type pictured below, but I want to make sure we don’t run short.
  • cash to pay for your panel. It will be between $3 and $5 depending on the size you picked. Pack some dollar bills and quarters. I won’t have much in the way of change.

In Conclusion…

Whew… long post. No wonder I didn’t feel up to it while sick!

See you tomorrow! We’re gonna have a good day!



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