Extra Credit Opportunity (W00t!)

Possible Extra Credit for Students in All Del’s Spring 2017 Classes


Open Studio Night at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

I am offering 10 points of extra credit this semester to every student who attends an open studio event at a college or university. You must show me proof that you went in the form of a situational selfie or something similar. 10 points may not seem like a lot, but it represents 1% of your grade and can and has made a real difference for students in the past. If you have me for more than one class, you can choose which one gets the points. This is a one-time only offer. You cannot hit multiple events for multiple batches of points.

Why Is This Worth Extra Credit?

Looking at work by other artists is one of the best ways to spark creativity, because you get to see what’s current and what’s possible. For students, it can be extra helpful to see exciting work being made by peers. Finally, for those of you considering art school, seeing how one is laid out and how it functions is an important eye-opener.

Although I will award these points for any one visit to an open studio held at a reputable institution of higher learning, I am going to give my totally unbiased (*ahem*) opinion, that you should go to Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts’ in Philadelphia, which will be held Friday after next, February 17 from 5–9 PM (February 24 snow date). The education section of PAFA’s Hamilton Building is rarely open to the public, and it is a fascinating place. There are 200 individual studios grouped loosely by discipline…

4th floor—post-baccalaureate & others
5th floor—illustration & digital media
6th floor—printmaking & alumni studios
7th floor—sculpture
8th floor—graduate studios
9th floor—mix
10th floor—painting

…there are also cool classrooms including the totally sick printmaking lab with its dozen presses and floor to ceiling windows and sculpture classrooms for wood, metal, casting, moldmaking, stone carving, papermaking and clay/figure modeling. There will be mini events on various floors (print demos on 6, bronze pour on 7, etc.) Usually, there are also refreshments. It’s a supercool experience, especially if you plan what you want to see so you don’t get overwhelmed. Bonus: afterwards you can go Friday evening cavorting in Philadelphia. It’s like getting credit for doing something fun! Well… I think so, anyway, but I kinda dig this whole art thing….


The event itself is totally free, but you will have to pay the bridge toll ($5) and likely also for parking, because PAFA is smack in the middle of Center City.

Where to Go/Park

From SCC, it takes about 45 minutes to get to PAFA. Take 295 north to I676. Go over the Ben Franklin Bridge and follow Vine Street to 15th. Turn left and drive two blocks. Just after Race Street, there is an open air parking lot which is conveniently located right behind the school. The rate is $12 for regular sized vehicles (ie not pickups or SUVs) for the entire evening. Walk to the crashed airplane sculpture and turn left into the Hamilton Building. Make sure you ask at the PAFA desk to get your parking ticket validated or the cost is greater.

If $12 sounds too rich for your wallet, less expensive lots are scattered around. There is metered and/or 2 hour free parking on 15th, 16th, 17th and Race. However, finding open street spots is luck on the level of ordering hamburger and being given filet mignon.

By the Way…

I do have an alumni studio at PAFA. It’s located on the 6th floor (#636). You are welcome to stop by but are by no means expected or required. I’m more interested in you seeing compelling student work.


My studio is not usually this clean.

More information on Open Studio Night at PAFA is located here.

Okay, PAFA blahblahblah… What About Other Schools?

As I said, you are welcome to attend any open studio event for the credit, provided it’s at a college or university. However, you will have to find these other opportunities on your own. If you’re unsure whether something qualifies, I suggest you ask me before attending. Same rules otherwise apply: 10 points upon my receipt of proof you attended.



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