Monochrome Madness

Photography Homework due Friday, March 10, 2017

Prior to the beginning of our next class meeting, please complete the following two tasks.



Shoot a minimum of 36 images exploring monochromatic or achromatic (which is a form of monochromatic). Keep the settings in your camera on jpg fine (what we’ve been using so far) and utilize manual exposure and focus. FYI: at this point in the semester, it is expected that you turn in images that are correctly focused, exposed and in proper white balance. Remember our discussion last week about who is in control of the camera and metering. (Big Spoilery Hint…it’s you!)

hmmSo what the heck should you take pictures of for this assignment? Click the links in the paragraph above for reminders on what monochromatic and achromatic are. Other than that, keep a sharp lookout as you go through your day for compositions that are mostly one color. You can set up a still life or other constructed shot if you wish, but I expect the majority of your images to be “found” monochromes. This will help train your eye for what we will be doing in our second major project, which gets underway Friday.

If you take more than the required number of images (always a good idea), edit them down to your best 36. Post these to your Flickr account in a folder titled “Monochrome”. You can post to Flickr through Lightroom or directly at




Read the handout that was given to you in class. We will have a discussion on the themes in the chapter, so come prepared with thoughts and ideas.

See you Friday!



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