The Second Half Beginith: Painting Edition

Painting Reminders for Class on 03/22/17

Woe that I must be the bearer of bad news, Exuberant Painters, but it’s over. Another Spring Break is coming to a close. *sniffle*


The end of vacation is always a bit melancholy, but it’s not all frowny-face news. We get to spend the next few weeks playing some serious play with paint, and I, for one, can’t argue with that.

And now… a friendly neighborhood reminder about what you need to be prepared for our next class.


  1. Read the following article: In my Spring Break haze, I completely spaced linking it before I left. Sorry! Although I normally give you a full week for homework, if at all possible, please read the article by Wednesday. It lays groundwork for methods of non-objective composition and will be helpful as we start our big canvases. Besides it is short, and I am not requiring a written response, so hopefully you can squeeze in a peruse. Once you’ve read it, use what you’ve learned to refine your test paintings for Wednesday (step 3 below).

  2. Study the guidelines for Project 2 so you are superspecial sure you understand what’s expected of you.

  3. Complete your six test paintings. Remember you’re going for possibilities though hopefully at least a few will have potential for translation into a finished 24″ x 24″ canvas. Stumped for ideas? Read the article in Step 1 and review the handout on compositional approaches you were given earlier this semester. Even though we’re painting non-objectively, layout matters. Also… SUPERIMPORTANT… use the materials you collected in your creativity journal prior to Spring Break for inspiration.

  4. If you haven’t already, check out your fellow students’ mini-reports on their assigned painters. This is another great way to get ideas about what’s possible.

  5. Pack your test paintings, painting supplies and creativity journals (all ART105 journals if you have more than one) for class on Wednesday.

Bonus Info


Bonus dancin’

For those of you looking for a review of color schemes, here are some helpful sites:

• (basic overview)
 (more detail)
• Wikipedia (info + references)


Don’t hesitate to e-mail. I’m back in reliable internet country, so I should be able to answer relatively quickly.

See you Wednesday!



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