The Second Half Beginith: Photo Edition

Digital Photography Reminders for Class on 03/24/17

Woe that I must be the bearer of bad news, but it’s over. Another Spring Break is coming to a close. *sniffle*


The end of vacation is always a bit melancholy, but it’s not all frowny-face news. We have lots of cool learnin’ ahead of us in the second half of Digital Photography.


A friendly neighborhood reminder about what you need to be prepared for our next class. You weren’t assigned extra homework week, but you should come to class with the first steps of Project 2 complete. This includes:

  1. Reading the chapter you were given on “Intimate Life” from The Photograph as Contemporary Art You have… ahem… already completed this as a previous homework assignment, right, so this should be a gimme.

  2. Reading the guidelines for Project 2 so you are superspecial sure you understand what’s expected of you.

  3. Getting started taking photographs for Project 2 so you have images to work on when we learn additional photo editing techniques next class. More information is available in the Project 2 Guidelines, so if you didn’t already do pesky #2 on this here list, now might be an excellent time. 🙂


Don’t hesitate to e-mail. I’m on my way back into reliable internet country, so I should be able to answer relatively quickly.

See you Friday!



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