The Second Half Beginith: Drawing Edition

Figure Drawing Reminders for Class on 03/20/17

Woe that I must be the bearer of bad news, but it’s over, my intrepid Figure Drawers… another Spring Break is coming to a close. *sniffle*


The end of vacation is always a bit melancholy, but it’s not all frowny-face news. Tomorrow we get to dive back into drawing the intriguing and ever challenging human figure! That’s always something to look forward to!

thumbnailA friendly neighborhood reminder in anticipation of class tomorrow. You weren’t assigned master studies for this week, but you should come to class with the first steps of your midterm project complete. This includes reading the Project Guidelines (if you haven’t already) and completing a minimum of 20 thumbnails to work out compositions. The thumbnails should be at least 3″ x 4″, but don’t have to be exactly that size so long as they are roughly the same proportion as the final drawing, which will be 18″ x 24″. Work in your sketchbook or on separate paper: artist’s choice. Your compositions can be horizontal or vertical (or some horizontal and some vertical).

Not familiar with the intricacies of the compositional thumbnail? There’s a blog post for that! Check it out!


Don’t hesitate to e-mail. I’m on my way back into reliable internet country, so I should be able to answer relatively quickly.

See you tomorrow!


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