Getting A-Head

Figure Drawing Homework Due 03/27/17

This week’s homework seeks to build on what you learned in class about head structure, and, ultimately, to increase your chances of success for your midterm project.


Read over the two brief handouts on head proportions/positioning.





Make a master copy of Figure Drawing Handout #10 (yes, all eight mini-contour heads on one page of your sketchbook). This puts into practice the techniques described in the handouts from Step 1.


Keeping in mind what we discussed one-on-one with regard to your thumbnail sketches, select a composition for your midterm project,  and then block it out on a piece of 18″ x 24″ charcoal paper (the good stuff with all the texture ‘n’ whatnot).

Excited Del is excited about self-portraiture!


  • Make sure to use the whole page, indicating what will be in the background as well as establishing the face/figure. Wee little heads floating in a nebula of nothingness might pass muster for old episodes of Star Trek, but they don’t cut the mustard for new figure drawings!

  • Work general to specific. Layout with gesture/envelope and then refine to a contour.

  • FYI, your contour doesn’t need to be as detailed as the drawing above, which is from a series of daily self portraits whose goal was somewhat different than what you’re going for with your midterm project. As long as you establish the key shapes/proportions/composition, you’re on track.

  • Keep your marks light throughout since you will likely need to erase or rework as we move forward. You may use vine charcoal or graphite for this initial rendering, whichever you find it easier to keep under control.

Let me know if you have questions; otherwise, have a fantabulous week!



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