Midterm Project… Final Steps

Figure Drawing Homework Due 04/03/17

As I’m sure you all know, the due date for your midterm project in ART130 is April 3. No problem right? April is ages away…

Wait, what? It’s next week?!? ARrrrRgghhh! How did this happen???


All right, all right… breathe. We’ve been building our self-portrait drawings step-by-step, so you are in good position to finish strongly, at least those of you who have been keeping up (those who have fallen behind be prepared to dedicate extra hours this week to get caught up).

So what, exactly do you need to do? Complete your drawing by blocking in values to create a fully rendered portrait. Come to class next week with the project finished and ready to discuss. We will critique at the beginning of class. Anyone not prepared will receive a zero on the assignment (something you presumably do not want to do, since it’s worth 10% of your overall course grade). For more info on requirements, policies, grading and all that tasty stuff, check out the Midterm Project Guidelines.

Totes Need-to-Know Reminders


  • Work general to specific and all over the page. Focusing on detail too early handicaps your ability to make changes.

  • Keep your initial marks light so you can edit as you go. Good figure drawing is a process of continual refinement.

  • Concentrate on rendering values as definite shapes. This makes your drawing bolder and more volumetric. Plus—big bonus benefit—it’s typically faster than finicky edge-driven shading. In general your finished portrait should rely on shapes of shadow and light to define form. Avoid outlining as it flattens the space.

  • Work out complex forms stereometrically. That is, draw them as perspective boxes first and then refine to more organic forms. The stereometric approach also helps you establish distinct plane changes such as between the front of the face and the side (split along the cheekbone). This, in turn, makes your portrait more structural.

  • When in doubt, review your handout on anatomy of the head: ART130_handout_head_proportions.

  • Don’t forget the background!

P.S. (Maybe)

If I can find some time later this week, I will finish the self portrait I started as a demo yesterday and post some step-by-step progress shots so you can see the route I take to draw. Stay tuned!

And, as always, e-mail is your friend if you have questions!




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